Vehicles and Equipment

Squad 80

Squad 80 is a 2016 Ford Explorer and the Fire Chief’s first response vehicle.  It is used by the Fire Chief as a rapid response vehicle to initiate Incident Command and provide incoming fire personnel the necessary size-up information to rapidly address the emergency when the fire crew arrives on the scene. This vehicle is equipped with forcible entry tools, bunker gear, SCBA, fire extinguishers, and radios. AED, medical equipment, swift water rescue equipment along with an incident command system to be used for larger incidents.

Tanker 84 is a very larger and more versatile 8 place Tanker and pumper Engine. It was purchased by the county and is manned by the members of Pecan. It is used for both Pecan Plantation and Hood County fire response. This Tanker Pumper truck holds 2500 Gals of water along with a class A foam system.  It can pump a huge amount of water flowing up to 1500 gals a min. It has a built-in generator for lighting and all electrical needs. On top, we carry about 700ft hose of firefighting fire and 1000ft of 5” hose that is used to connect to a hydrant. If no hydrants are available we carry a 4000-gal drop tank on the side of the truck that can be deployed so other tankers can fill it with water which allows other engines to pump water directly from the drop tank. Plus, several different types of ladders for varying needs during an incident.

Tanker 84
Rescue 81

Rescue 81 is a medium size rescue truck. Designed for vehicle and aircraft incidents. It is also a pumper that holds 1000 gals of water and a foam system that uses AFFF foam which is a necessity if we have to deal with any form of aircraft incident here in Pecan. We also have our vehicle extrication equipment that consists of spreaders (jaws of life) cutters rams, and stabilization equipment that is used to extricate a person form a vehicle. We have our high-angle equipment consisting of specialized ropes and pully systems for any type of high-angle or low-angle rescue.

Boat 81 is a swift water rescue boat that can be used both in a fast-moving river and the lake. We have a specially trained swift water team along with specially designed equipment for swift water rescue.

Boat 81
Rescue 80

Rescue 80 is a specially designed UTV that is used mainly for patient rescue in hard-to-reach areas. 

Rehab 89 is a rehab unit that is a specially equipped truck that responds to major fires or emergencies at which the health and safety of the firefighters operating on the scene may be jeopardized by the nature or duration of the incident or the weather. The unit provides shelter, blankets, hot and cold beverages, and a place to cool off in the summer and warm up in the winter. Firefighters enter the unit for rest, hydration, food, and medical evaluation.

Rehab 89
Squad 81

Squad 81. All-around utility vehicle, used for transporting equipment, and personnel, towing the rescue boat, trailer, etc.

Brush 87. Large go-anywhere military brush truck.

Brush 87
Brush 84

Brush 84: A 4-wheel drive heavy-duty 2-3 person truck built and designed for the purpose of fighting grass fire. It is equipped with a 400 gal water tank with a retractable hose reel on the back plus a section behind the cab with an additional hose for the firefighter to stand and fight the fire from both sides as the truck travels around the moving fire.

Brush 86: Similar to Brush 84 is a 4-wheel drive heavy-duty truck but with a smaller 300 gal water tank.

Brush 86