Fire and EMS F A Q

Q: In case of an emergency, who do we call?

A: 911 Pecan Plantation Fire and EMS will respond.

 Q: What if I am not sure it’s an emergency, but I just want to be checked out?

A: Call 911. EMS will respond and get an assessment of the situation. If it is felt transport is necessary, we’ll advise you that is the case. If no treatment or transport is necessary, we will leave and you will not have to go anywhere.

 Q: Can we just come to the EMS building for an evaluation?

A: You can, but it is preferred that you call 911. Let us come to you. You will not be “bothering” us, we look forward to assisting you any way we can.

 Q: If transport is provided, to which hospital would we go?

A: We will take you to the most appropriate hospital. If an injury or illness is too severe for local facilities to treat, you will be transported to a hospital that provides a higher level of care.

 Q: We are pretty far from metroplex hospitals, what happens if a quicker transport is needed?

          When EMS arrives at the scene, the paramedics make a determination of taking the  patient to a local hospital or one in the metroplex. If the patient appears to be    suffering  a heart attack, stroke, pregnancy problem or severe trauma, that patient will be flown by helicopter to the most appropriate facility. The two air medical services we use are CareFlite and AirEvac Lifeteam.

 Q: Are the air medical services covered by insurance?

     YES. Most insurances do pay for helicopter service. Pecan Plantation residents have a special deal with both of the services in that we are billed $2.00 a month on the AMUD water bill. This payment gives you membership with TexasEMS (the ambulance service for the rest of Hood County), CareFlite and Air Evac. Having the membership means that should you be transported by air from Hood County, insurance companies will be billed, but you will not. Air Evac has a plan online that gives you membership wherever they fly for $35.00 a year.

 Q: Will we receive a bill for any medical service?

A: NO. Your insurance company will be billed and whatever they pay  that is what we accept. Pecan residents are not “balance billed”, that is, asked to pay the difference between what insurance paid and what was billed.

 Q: Why are there two ambulances sent on every call?

A: Manpower.

 Q: Why do the ambulances keep running at lunch or street dances, etc?

A: The medications and electronics inside need a climate controlled environment.

 Q: Isn’t Pecan Plantation Fire & EMS an all volunteer service?

A: The firefighters are all volunteers. They give a lot of time and effort to keep the community safe with no compensation.

 Q: What about EMS, aren’t they volunteers as well?

A: At one time, EMS was staffed by volunteers. This is no longer true. In order to guarantee 24/7/365 coverage for Pecan Plantation, we pay paramedics and EMTs.

 Q: So, there is someone at the EMS station all the time?

A: Except when they are called out for an emergency, yes.

 Q: Why does the Fire Department have so much equipment?

A: To give the department the ability to take care of various situations. There are brush trucks with foam for the extinguishment of vehicle or airplane fires. There is a pumper truck that provides water for times when hydrants are not nearby. There is a Rescue truck that carries the “Jaws of life” and other extrication tools. There is a Rehab truck that is used when the firefighters need extra support.

 Q: Our insurance carrier wants to know if there are fire hydrants near where we live, are there?

A: Most likely. There are fire hydrants approximately every 1000 feet. They are maintained by AMUD, not the fire department. If you look carefully when you are driving at night, watch for a little blue reflective dot in the road. That means there is a fire hydrant located across from it. Please do not plant shrubs around a fire hydrant or obscure it in any way.

 Q: Is there any more information the homeowner’s insurance agent should know?

A: Yes. Pecan Plantation Fire Department has received an ISO rating of 3. This is a very good rating because the lower the number, the better. 10 is lowest and 1 is the best. It is unusual for a rural volunteer fire department to have such a low rating. It puts us in the top 6% of all fire departments in the nation, whether paid or volunteer.

 Q: Are more volunteers needed?

A: YES! Always. The fire department especially is on the lookout for volunteers. No previous experience is necessary, you will be trained. There is a place for everyone!

 Q: Is there an age limit?

A: Yes. To be a Junior Firefighter, a person must be 16 years old.

Q: What about volunteering with the EMS?

A: To volunteer with EMS, a person must be a state certified EMT. There are classes available with local colleges and in January, Pecan Plantation EMS hosts an EMT class for Hood County.


                               REMEMBER:  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!